Akema Fine Chemicals offers the services of experienced analytical laboratories for quality control, products development and customer support.

The internal chemistry and microbiology laboratories are equipped to perform analytical tests on raw materials, final products and the standard determination on cosmetic products.

The Chemistry Laboratory performs the analytical controls on raw materials, during manufacturing process and on finished products. This laboratory also leads the R&D activities and assists the development of new products during scale-up, from bench to industrial scale.

The Microbiology Laboratory is well equipped and skilled for standard microbiological investigations and for the antimicrobial activity studies.
This laboratory assists customers during product development and provides its experienced technical support to the choice of the preservative system for any application.

Challenge tests are offered to customers to assess the adequate preservation of cosmetic formulations and to compare the activity of different preservatives.
This preservative efficacy testing, specifically designed for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, allows the determination of the optimal level of preservatives to be used, ensuring the most safe and cost effective preservation.

Our microbiologists also assist customers with preservation issues, helping the improvement or the full replacement of an existing preservative system.

Akema is also linked with the University of Ferrara and with private institutes highly qualified for applied research. These in-house and partnered laboratories are capable of full range analytical testing and research support.

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